On your test you will be asked to carry out one of the reverse manoeuvres .

 Reverse park {parallel park or bay park }

Before starting any of the manoeuvres look at the layout of the road to workout how you are going to control the car

Clutch and either foot brake or accelerator depending if it's uphill , downhill or level .

Before you start  check all around for any hazards { highway code rules 200 - 203 }.

Remember failing to plan you're planning to fail

 obs = observation = checking all around including blind spots

Bay park

There are many differant ways to carry out the bay park manoeuver , but because of the size of my local test center car park i tend to favour the left reverse

Position along side bay line 3 , position A  , obs steer full left lock .reverse slowly, as you enter the bay obs and check the left door mirror and as you start to run parallel with the bay lines straiten up the steering .stop when the car if fully in the bay

                     A                                           B                                              C


Parallel park

   Option 1

Use the MSM routine to stop along side the other car select reverse gear , obs , as you start to reverse steer half a turn of the wheel left , continue to reverse with all round obs until you have an angle taking you towards the curb  - line the door handle up with the curb in the mirror - steer full right lock - reverse until you are parallel with the curb

Before turning your wheel check ahead for oncoming traffic as the front of your car will swing out as you turn (stop if necessary). As the front swings out - check over your right shoulder for oncoming vehicles / pedestrians etc. (stop if necessary). This is the point where you create the greatest hazard to other road users.

Option 2

Use the MSM routine to stop level with the other car, position A . select reverse gear to show your reversing lights , obs , as you move slowly steer left one turn of the wheel , continue to reverse until you have an angle of about 40 degrees { 5 past on a clock face } position B , obs , steer one turn  right , use the left door mirror line the door handle up with the curb as you reverse towards the curb , obs, steer one turn to the right again , stop when you are parallel with the curb .position C


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