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thank youuuuu Steve!!!! so happy i passed !!!!! its made my year! haha brilliant instructor would recommend you to everyone waiting to learn! haha thanks again

Liv  Harwood

Aaaaaaaah! Thank you soooooo much!! :D
Definitely couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor ever ever ever!
Never could of done it without you :D
And I apologise for the 7.30 start this morning but at least it was worth it :D
Thanks for everything

Leanne Murphy


Passed 1st time! That was absolutely amazing Steve!! thank you so much! You made me feel comfortable while driving in this country on the left side of the road :-)) and those bl..dy roundabouts, I am not scared of them anymore!! and I change gears slowly now, you know what I mean.. ha ha.. And it was such fun having you as instructor, I believe you are the best

Irina Norkina


thank you soo much for being the best driving instructor! Passed my test with 5 minors! Such a great teacher would defo recommend to nervous drivers or any type of drivers! I know you will miss me lots see you on the roads!

Amie Widdowson


Thank you so so so so much!!!
You're the best driving instructor!
There is no way i'd have passed first time if it wasn't for you! :D
Thank you for putting up with my constant chatter and helping me to perfect my manoeuvres!! :P
I'd recommend you to anyone.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kate Knox


Nice! Passed first time with like 4 minors ! Thanks steve you managed to pass me and I'm only 16

Arch Boyd Morgan


YAYY PASSED TODAY :D Thank you for putting up with me. l'll have to buy you more chewys hahaah, you'llsave a fortune now! going to miss your funny but stupid jokes hahaha. thanks again

Jodie Kent


Wow, Steve Curtis is the best driving instructor ever, i mean i haven't had any other driving instructor, but when a driving instructor Pass's you through a test 1st time with only 2 minors i think that's pretty good going! :) Thanks Steve it's been fun driving with you aswell.

Luke Raithby


Best driving instructor!! Passed today after 2 failures but that was because of my stupid nerves!! Very funny, laid back and knows how to deal with nervous people like me! Really enjoyed learning to drive, would have probably needed more tests if it wasn't for Steve! Thank you for everything

Sabine Crumpton


Steve Curtis was the best teacher i ever had ,i had 4 teachers before him and 5 driving tests before him as well, took two driving tests with him and past, I would tell  people to drive with him

Craig Roberts


Passed 1st Time Today :) Only 19 and Half Hours , Thanks Steve! X

Mia Laity


Passed today first time with Steve only 2 minors! Absolutely chuffed!!! Steve was my second instructor and was DEF the better of the two. Couldn't fault him in his teaching methods and instructing. ACE!! Thanks Steve!!!

Vanessa Mc Bain


well considering i only got 2 minor that shouldn't of happened......... STEVE ur f***ing amazing as an instructor... people u gotta go with him cause the AA and BSM are pointless :) THANKS STEVE FOR GETTIN ME A PINK LICENCE

Matt George


passed on monday first time, best driving instructor with out a doubt... would recommend him to all the learner drivers out there. cheers Steve

Alex Marshall


Steve is the best driving instructor would of taken 20 tests if it wasn't for him. the only reason it took me two tests is cos i am such an nervous mess. thanks Steve

Jacob Cain


Absolute Legend. Passed Today Thanks To Steve. Such a Laid Back Instructor. Thank You.

Daz Bulpin


Best driving instructor ever! He is lovely and friendly and I passed first time

Georgia Rose Hilton


Passed first time, and if he can get me though it, he can get anyone through it! Best instructor in the world

Alexandra Morgan


Steve, god am i glad i waited 6 weeks for u and then not to much time at all before passing so thank you once again

Kerry Fotheringham  

Ahhh, love the KA and absolutely loved learning to drive with Steve - What a ledge

Brogan Latham


would have been wasted with another driving instructor'.. such a good guy , makes you laugh and teaches you to drive at the same time. cant ask for better than that!

Rosie-Jane Phillips


Best instructor ever! 10 weeks...Passed first time.. 4 minors! Couldn't have wished for a better result.. Not many instructors can teach you to drive as good as I do

Jenni Tew